About Us



Career & Educational Consultants was founded in 1982 by Dr. Susan R. Meloccaro, Ed.D. With the mission to provide employers highly qualified individuals immediately able to add value to an organization.  Provide students with services in the areas of Career Counseling, Educational Advisement and Training. For over 30 years, CEC has been dedicated to this mission. 



Dr. Meloccaro and Vice President Warren Richman possess a resourceful "bank" of knowlegde carefully honed at their time at the RCA corporation and over 3+ decades of operating a business focused on serving the NYC workforce via various State and City contracts.


Why Us?

 CEC has a team of job developers with an employer network hundreds strong. Our ability to network with a diverse range of New York area employers allows CEC to remain on top of employment trends, changing job requirements and to make constant changes as needed.